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Newtiteuf Prod.

Added to panel on : 05-25-2012
Language : French
Category : Video games
SubCategory :
iRank : 4.41/10
Alexa World Rank : 2,781,997
Youtube subscribers : 724 759
Youtube views : 179 250 340
Facebook Likes : 26 127
Twitter Followers : 149 875
Instagram Followers : 0
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The Influence Rank (or iRank) is a tool based on a logarithmic function that ranks influencers’ impact on social networks depending on their amount of Subscribers (YouTube), Likers (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter). Categorized by language, they are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 representing the highest influence level. The iRank is updated weekly.

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iRank: 4.41/10
Evolution iRank 

724,759 Subscribers 

 Evolution in Video Channel Subscribers

Increase per day Objective :787 k859 k1,1 m1,4 m
Average : +899/d Reached on (estimate) : 10/12/201612/30/201608/26/201709/28/2018

+ 9,051 Subscribers 
 Variation of Video Channel Subscribers


 Evolution in Video Channel Views

 Variation of Video Channel Views

26,127 Likers

 Evolution in Facebook Fans

Increase per day Objective :28,1 k30,6 k38,3 k51,1 k
Average : +43/d Reached on (estimate) : 09/21/201611/19/201605/14/201703/04/2018

+ 601 Likers
 Variation of Facebook Fans

 Evolution of engagement rate (in %)

 Evolution of engagement log rate (in %)


 Evolution in Twitter Followers

Increase per day Objective :163 k178 k223 k297 k
Average : +154/d Reached on (estimate) : 10/29/201602/02/201711/19/201703/18/2019

 Variation of Twitter Followers

 Evolution Alexa Rank

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What is the influence of"Newtiteuf Prod." ?
Remember the channel of Newtiteuf Prod. famous for its Video games videos and more precisely its videos. From the data gathered by our team consult the e-reputation of the youtubers listed on our website. The amount of likers, followers, views on videos and subscriptions on the YouTube channel are the major criteria to establish the rank of each youtubers! So let’s see who will be the most influent person online!

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