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Added to panel on : 05-03-2012
Language : French
Category : Music
SubCategory : Dance
iRank : /10
Youtube subscribers & Dailymotion : 434 000
Youtube views & Dailymotion : 369 478 001
Facebook Likes : 0
Twitter Followers : 0
Instagram Followers : 0
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The Influence Rank (or iRank) is a tool based on a logarithmic function that ranks influencers’ impact on social networks depending on their amount of Subscribers (YouTube), Likers (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter). Categorized by language, they are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 representing the highest influence level. The iRank is updated weekly.

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iRank: /10
Evolution iRank 

434,000 Subscribers 

  Evolution in Video Channel Subscribers

Increase per day Objective :477 k521 k651 k868 k
Average : +29/d Reached on (estimate) : 11/23/202701/20/203207/12/204404/28/2065

0 Subscribers 
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  Evolution in Video Channel Views

  Variation of Video Channel Views


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 Variation of Twitter Followers

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“Influence Network is based on shymTV’s related YouTube channels and allows you to discover and explore his connections”
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What is the influence of"Shy'm" ?
From the data gathered from social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and YouTube we are able to gauge the influence of Shy'm which has become renowned for his Music videos and mostly thanks to his videos of Dance. The total of followers, likers, views and subscriptions to a channel will define the rank of each person within the list. Who were, are or will be the most influent persons on the Internet?

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